I’ve been a Front End Developer & Designer since the official start of the future: the year 2000. An accomplished all-rounder, I combine a can-do, tenacious attitude with a focus on creating responsive, cross-platform, well designed websites and web apps that are attractive, accessible, functional and pleasing to use.

I work a great deal with WordPress, and that goes across the board from building bespoke templates from scratch, amending, maintaining and expanding on existing templates (be they custom or commercially available), as well as creating and configuring functionality on the back-end. I have over 10 years PHP experience, the majority of it used within a WordPress enviroment.

A lot of my work Front End work involves an element of design sensibility as well as development skills. I have found it valuable to be able to make, or contribute to, Design decisions. I also prepare quite a few HTML5 Banner Ads using Greesock/GSAP, as well as responsive HTML Emails. Additionally I’ve worked extensively with the e-commerce platform Demandware/Salesforce Commerce Cloud whilst working for clients The Disney Store, Space NK and Marks & Spencer.

Key skills: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, Vue,js, Bootstrap, WordPress, Greensock/GSAP, Responsive UI/UX Development & Design, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, Salesforce CC/Demandware.

Selected recent work

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